Bible Study Lessons

Leader Book Your Leader Book has 3 sections:

  1. Bible Lesson Summaries: summaries of each Bible lesson, followed by a page called “Practice Makes Perfect” – a recipe for running a good Bible study
  2. Bible Lessons: Each lesson is written in discussion form with discussion questions followed by suggested answers. Following the last “regular” lesson is a section of 5 special lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Prayer, & Story Time (see the lesson summary section for a description of these lessons)
  3. Exploring the Bible Answers: This section contains answers to the questions in the Exploring the Bible workbooks.
    • Bible Beauties Exploring The Bible Leaderbook (4th Grade +)

      Patty Proverbs and the “Good-For-You-Friend-Club,” Tabitha and “Show & Tell,” and “Daddy’s Girl” are some of the great girls and women you’ll meet in this series. Just for girls? No way – they have something to say to the guys too! 24 Lessons.

    • Bible Beauties Exploring The Bible Worbook (4th Grade +)

      Companion workbook to Bible Beauties Leaderbook

    • Camp Nehemiah (ages 2nd Grade +)

      Originally commissioned to help children with one or more parents incarcerated, these five lessons are designed to help kids learn to build healthy relationships with God, parents (including others in authority), friends, and themselves. Special section on using camp facilities to teach life lessons.

    • Christian Apologetics Leaderbook (7th Grade +)

      How do you know God exists? What’s the difference between Biblical Christianity & other religions? Is the Theory of Biological Evolution a proven fact? We’ll give you the answers you and your kids need to know! 25 Lessons.

    • Christian Apologetics Workbook (7th Grade +)

      Companion workbook to the Christian Apologetics Leaderbook

    • Lesson & Letters (7th Grade +) *

      "Success The Old Fashion Way", "How To Win friends & Influence People", "Swimming Against The Current"; "Completely Changed, Changed Completely", "Having A Good Time By Having A Good Life". Lessons from Daniel & Paul help us live a Christian life in today’s world.

    • MP3 Community Prayer Walk Guide

      “Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God. 8 But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned” (Hebrews 6:7-8). There is a story of two farmers who both prayed for rain, but only one prepared his field to receive the rain. This guide is designed to help you prepare your homes, neighborhoods, and communities “for rain” - God’s blessings – by walking or driving through your neighborhoods and communities, praising and offering prayers to our God.

    • T.E.A.M.: The Extreme Athletic Makeover (5th Grade +) *

      At any level of athletic competition the physical prize competed for doesn't last. There is, however, a higher prize to pursue, one that won't spoil or fade away. Throughout T.E.A.M. you have the chance to build your own athletic department based on God's definition of success and everyone from the Athletic Director to the coach to the parent to the athlete to the supporting community can have a part in it. 7 Lessons + 30 devotions featuring Olympic athletes.

    • Ten Commandments Volume 2 Leaderbook (5th Grade +)

      It’s more fun with the Ten Commandments: “Ten Ways To Be Totally Cool”, “Gunk In Your Gas”, “This Space Reserved For God,” “TV - Guide!” & more! 30 Lessons.

    • Ten Commandments Volume 2 Workbook (5th Grade +)

      Companion workbook to the Ten Commandments 2 Leaderbook

    • Training Camp Leaderbook (5th Grade +)

      “Under Construction”, “God’s Game Plan”, “Walk This Way, Please”, “Just Say Yes - To God”! It’s a workout at spiritual training camp! Selected proverbs put you and the kids through exercises in wisdom, morals, ethics, discipline, perseverance & more. 28 Lessons.

    • Training Camp Workbook (5th Grade +)

      Companion workbook to the Training Camp Leaderbook

    • Let's Talk (8th Grade +)

      What's Life All About? When Can I Drive The Hummer? Where Do I Fit In? Should I Go Out With Him? & more! Let's Talk guides you and your teen through issues that are knocking on your door if they haven't already arrived. 23 Lessons.

    • The King's Entryway

      Farmer is a young man struggling to make a living farming on The Pile. Josh is a craftsman, a storyteller, an adventurer, and well…a bit unusual. When the two meet and decide to ride together in the town’s annual bicycling festival, Farmer doesn't know that Josh is about to take him on a journey that will change him forever.

    • Christian Character Leader Book (4th Grade +)

      “A” is for Attitude, “B” is for Benevolence, “C” is for Christ-Like, & 15 more character qualities help you learn the alphabet a whole new way! 29 Lessons.

    • Heroes of the Bible Leader Book (3rd Grade +)

      At first, Moses said, “No!” Gideon said, “Why me?” and Jonah said, “I’m gettin’ outta here!” Heroes? You bet! We’ll meet these and 18 other men and women whose achievements, qualities and courage made them heroes then and make them heroes today! 29 Lessons.

    • Ten Commandments 1 Leader Book (2nd Grade +)

      We start off with how God’s call to Abram leads to the nation of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. Then we’ll have some fun with: “It’s Cool In The Furnace”, “Statue Of Limitations”, “My God’s Bigger Than Your god”... & more! 26 Lessons.

    • Campfire Devotions 3 (K-2nd Grade)

      We’re back with more games & stories. Dominoes, pizza, and balloons help your kids learn important lessons like honesty, helping others, and forgiveness in a way that they’ll enjoy and remember. 8 Lessons.

    • Campfire Devotions 1 (K-2nd Grade)

      Toothpaste, lemons, and Life Savers are all part of the fun games, stories and short lessons to help you instill morals and values like encouragement, helping others, and being thankful in your children. They’ll like the lessons, and you’ll like what they learn. 8 Lessons.

    • Campfire Devotions 2 (K-2nd Grade)

      We’re back with more games & stories. Dirt, popcorn and ice cream help your kids learn important lessons like kindness, how to handle anger, and staying healthy in a way that they’ll enjoy and remember. 8 Lessons.

    • Heroes of the Bible Work Book (3rd Grade +)

      Companion workbook to the Heroes of the Bible Leaderbook

    • Ten Commandments 1 Work Book

      Companion workbook to the Ten Commandments 1 Leader Book

    • Christian Character Work-Book

      Companion workbook to Christian Character Leader Book

* Let’s Talk, Lessons & Letters, & T.E.A.M. do not have a separate workbooks. These books do not have the special lessons section.