« Practice Ministries has been much more than just a Bible study for me and my son – it has provided a standing, consistent time frame for us to spend time together, allowing him to know that learning about and serving Christ can be a normal, down to earth, everyday, how you live experience. »

Robert Van Cleave, Dallas, TX

« Having a weekly bible study with both my daughter and son has been nothing short of incredible. It certainly challenges me every week to model a Christ centered life. It is amazing to see the kids starting to « own » the truth. »

Rick Jackson, Dallas, TX

“From a mom’s point of view, I’ve watched these dads lead these young girls through discussions on subjects on inner beauty, effects of gossip and the importance of friendship from what the Bible has to say about them. That dad teaches the message makes it more meaningful than if it comes from mom.”

Kathryn Jackson, Dallas, TX

“I think that the format of your program, fathers and sons or daughters, is the appropriate and most powerful way to teach the Christian faith and values to youngsters.”

Jeff Heller, Dallas, TX

“The thing I like most about it is the special time it allows me to spend with each child. This time is so different than any other during the week. There are no distractions, no outside activities, just incredible one-on-one time with the most precious gift the Lord has given me.”

Dr. Ken McCarron, LaFayette, LA

“We’re excited about partnering with Practice Ministries. Bible studies that dads do with their kids during the school year will complement our summer camp teaching about the life of Christ; and will in turn equip our camp dads & moms to lead their children as God means for them to do. »

Scott Turpin, T-Bar-M Camps, New Braunfels, TX

Seeing how you do what you do I thought I would pass on that after helping teach my daughter’s Sunday School, she told me unsolicited that she loved me. When I asked why, (expecting to hear that it is because I take care of her, buy her things, take her to movies), her response was simply, « Because you teach me about God. » I slept well that night.

Chris Schultz, San Antonio, TX

BEST Morning with Dad has been a catalyst for dozens of dads and sons in our neighborhood school to connect in their faith. It’s the best morning of the school week.

Jeff Reeter, Houston, TX

“I would say that Practice Ministries has helped us become a better family.”

Scott Burford, Dallas, TX

“I have had so many people both in our church, at work, play etc. ask about your curriculum. I know God is working in our home.”

Bryan Andress, San Antonio, TX

I asked Peter to give me some thoughts about the bible study and his quick answer was « I get to see everybody. I got to learn more about the Bible even more than in Sunday school because there are not as many people. The food is good. » I was amazed at how fast he responded. It told me that he really enjoys it. Believe me, Peter would tell me if he did not like it.”

Dave Meaden, San Antonio, TX

“Morgan & I are both enjoying our time with each other and time with the group. Last year I thought it was important for Morgan to know what girls she could really turn to in a tough moment; now I am also realizing the same is true among the Dads.”

Joel Eastman, Dallas, TX

“Thanks for your efforts in putting this whole thing together and for your continued encouragement. I can honestly tell you that it’s one of Loring’s favorite things to do each week. Your words this morning made me realize how lucky we all are to get to spend this quality time with our daughters. On the way to school today, Loring actually said thanks to me for making the effort to take her every week. I had to fight back tears. Hope to see you again soon.”

Sam Dalton, Dallas, TX

“There is no better work we do than encouraging our children to be followers of Jesus Christ. Of all that we invest with our time, our talents, our gifts and our treasures, the greatest fruit will emerge from the meaningful time we spend with our families.”

Kirk Williams, Dallas, TX