Let’s Go

Welcome to Let’s Go.

We’re going to walk you through every step you need to take to get your dads & kids bible study going.


Pray. Ask the Lord to help you make this Bible study happen:

“Lord Jesus, Your word says that you could have no greater joy than to hear that your children are following the truth (3 John: 4). I know it’s my job to help them do that. Will you help me find other dads and their sons (daughters) who will do this Bible study with me and my son (daughter)?”

Ask God to give you the name of 3-4 dads who will commit to do this with you to form your core group. Ask Him to give you favor when you talk with them. Once you have a core group, begin inviting other guys. There are several ways to go about doing this:

  • Talk it up at your son’s soccer game
  • Have your daughter invite her friends and follow up with their dads
  • Send a letter or e-mail to your son or daughter’s class (sample letter & e-mail are provided below

Decide on a day for your first Bible study. We find that before school works best.

Decide on a home where you’ll meet (at least for the first couple of get-togethers).

Decide on the lesson series that you want to do for your group.

The lessons are written for kids and designed to be taught by dads.

There are four ways to get the lesson material (there’s no charge either way):

    1. Download any or all of our material off the website. Click Here.
    2. Use our online contact for to request materials. Click Here.
    3. Mail in your request for Bible study materials to:
      Practice Ministries
      8409 Pickwick Ln Suite 183
      Dallas, TX 75225

You’re just about set. You’ve got your core group, your first meeting day and home to meet in, and the lesson series you want to do.

Next, decide who will lead the first lesson.

You have a leader — ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT MATTER needs to be taken care of — You now need a feeder. There’s some kind of magical relationship between donuts, kids and Bible study. Have someone agree to bring enough donuts for the kids… and maybe for the dads.

You are ready for your first Dads & Kids Bible Study. On study day, open the doors, pray
that the donuts arrive before the kids, and have fun!

Let’s Go includes:

      1. How to begin and organize your first dads & kids bible study;
      2. How to do your first study;
      3. Lesson series summaries;
      4. One lesson from each lesson series;
      5. Information on how to get our Bible study materials.

Download the complete kit to get your group started: Let's Go! (2251 downloads)