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6 Steps to Start a Group


to access our full library of lessons. You’ll be asked to register your name and email address one time only – there’s no charge, and once registered you’ll have full access to the library. Choose and download the lesson book that you want to use for your group.


of Dads with kids of a similar age you’d like to invite to be a part of your group and begin talking it up. We’ve found that it’s best to have a dads-boys group or a dads-girls group. But if you need to mix them it’s ok. You’d like to have a core group of at least 3-4 other Dads who can help you find other Dads who might be interested.


to the guys on your list and invite them and their son or daughter to join you and your son or daughter for your Practice Ministries Dads and kids Bible study.


Decide on a day and a time for your first Bible study. We find that before school works best. If mornings aren’t doable, find the time that works the best for who is in your group. Decide on a location where you’ll meet – a home, a school, a church, a restaurant, etc. Decide who will lead the first lesson. As the group coordinator you might want to lead the first one. The lessons in the Leaderbook are written for kids so they’re easy to understand; and written in discussion style so its easy for the Dads to lead the discussion. The Workbooks (optional) have corresponding pages to the lessons in the leader book and the Dads and kids can sit down together before study to go over the questions. Many Dads say that this is their favorite time of the week with their child.


At your first meeting enjoy Bible study together with the Dads and kids in your group. You can also discuss how often you want to meet as a group, where you want to meet, and have guys signup for “lead and feed” – who leads the lesson and who brings donuts for morning groups or snacks for evening groups.


Practice Ministries offers you a full manager tool to help you register and run your group. You can create your own group calendar which can help you manage things like meeting date and time reminders or assigning lead and feed. Your group will also be listed in our international database so Dads looking for a group near them can connect with you.

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