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Welcome to the Practice Ministries Lessons Library. Here you can find and access all Practice Ministries lessons. All of our LEADERBOOKS and WORKBOOKS can be downloaded after you register (by providing your name and email address). While Practice Ministries does not charge you to download our lessons, we do ask that you consider making a gift to Practice Ministries if you are willing and able.

Tell me about the LEADERBOOKS

The lessons are written for kids so they are easy to understand. The lessons are non-denominational – we don’t get into denomination issues in the lessons. The lessons are also written in discussion format, so if you need a strong track to run on you can read the lesson and it will work. But if you want to use the lesson as an outline and put in your own examples or illustrations, that makes the lesson yours. When questions are asked in the lesson, there are suggested answers given as another teaching aid.

Currently, three of the lesson books (Ten Commandments 1, Heroes of the Bible, and Christian Character) contain several lessons where a gospel invitation is given at the end of the lesson. Each of these Gospel Invitations have been written by a Dad who currently participates or has participated in our Practice Ministries Dads and kids Bible Studies. Lastly, in many of the LEADERBOOKS there is a section where answers are given to the WORKBOOK questions. All of our materials are available in print or download form.

Tell me about the WORKBOOKS

The WORKBOOKS are developed to give you and your son or daughter a way to sit down and prepare for Bible Study together. This time has become many Dads and kids favorite thing about doing Bible Study together. Each WORKBOOK lesson corresponds to the LEADERBOOK lesson of the same number and is a 1-page lesson summary. Questions are asked – some with a specific Bible verse reference – some are open-ended. The fun is sitting down with your child the afternoon or night before Bible Study and going through the questions and coming up with the answers together. This automatically puts you in the spiritual leadership position in the home. Not required but definitely worth it!


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