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6 Steps to Start a Group


your lesson to access our lessons library. You’ll be asked to register your name and email address one time only. There’s no charge to register or use the library.


for those you’re inviting to be a part of your group. We’ve found that it’s best to have a dads-boys group or a dads-girls group. We recommend a core group of at least 3-4 other dads who can help you find other dads who might be interested.


the guys on your list to join you and your son or daughter. We have provided you with some suggested email templates that you can use as is or adapt however you wish.

4. SET

a time and place for your first Bible Study. We find that mornings before school work best but find the time that works the best for your group. Decide on a location and who will lead the first lesson.


the door and have fun doing Bible study. You can also discuss the frequency of meeting, and have the dads sign up for lead ‘n feed.”

6. HOW

To make your first study go smoothly.


If you have questions about starting a Practice Ministries Bible study, contact us here.

 Check out our FAQ page for any questions you might have.

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