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Welcome to the Practice Ministries Lessons Library where you can access and download our Bible study lessons. All of our Leader books and Workbooks may be downloaded after registering (by providing your name, email address, and postal code). All of our lessons are free of charge to download, but if you would, please consider making a gift to Practice Ministries.

Tell me about the LEADERBOOKS

Designed for the leader to teach Bible study

Lessons are:

  • Written for kids so they’re easy to understand and easy to teach (sample)
  • Written in discussion style
  • Age-appropriate
  • Available in print or may be downloaded
  • Non-denominational

Tell me about the WORKBOOKS

1-page summaries of the corresponding lesson in the leaderbook designed to help you and your child prepare for Bible study

Workbook pages:

  • 1-page summaries of the corresponding lesson in the leader book (sample)
  • Developed to give you and your child a way to prepare for Bible study together
  • Ask open-ended and/or specific Scripture referenced questions
  • Automatically puts you in the spiritual leadership position in the home (Genesis 18:19, Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Psalm 78:4-6)
  • Not required but definitely worth it!


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