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Christian Character

“A” is for Attitude, “B” is for Benevolence, “C” is for Christ-Like, and 15 more character qualities help you learn the alphabet a whole new way!


1) “A” Is For Attitude

2) “B” Is For Kindness (Benevolence)

3) “C” Is For Christ-Like (Part 1)

4) “C” Is For Christ-Like (Part 2)

5) “D” Is For Discernment

6) “E” Is For Encouragement

7) “F” Is For Fear Of The Lord

8) “G” Is For Giving

9) “H” Is For Holiness

10) “I” Is For Integrity (Part 1)

11) “I” Is For Integrity (Part 2)

12) “I” Is For Integrity (Part 3)

13) “J” Is For Joy

14) “L” Is For Love (Part 1)

15) “L” Is For Love (Part 2)

16) “L” Is For Love (Part 3)

17) “M” Is For Musical

18) “M” Is For Message (Part 1)

19) “M” Is For Message (Part 2)

20) “M” Is For Message (Part 3)

21) “N” Is For New (Part 1)

22) “N” Is For New (Part 2)

23) “P” Is For Power

24) “P” Is For Prayer

25) “R” Is For Respect (Part 1)

26) “R” Is For Respect (Part 1)

27) “R” Is For Respect (Part 1)

28) “S” Is For Servant

29) “T” Is For Trustworthy

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