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Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a compilation of our most requested lessons from 1996-2021.  You’ll find lessons from our very beginner lesson books (Campfire Devotions) all the way to our most advanced (Apologetics) so there’s something for everyone.


Lesson Series                          Title

Campfire Devotions 1            Sticks and Stones

Campfire Devotions 1            1 for God – 9 For You

Campfire Devotions 2            Your Garden

Campfire Devotions 2            A Good Recipe

Campfire Devotions 3            Follow The Leader

Campfire Devotions 3            Forgive or Not Forgive


Ten Commandments   1          In God We Trust

Ten Commandments   1          My God’s Bigger


Genesis                                   The Beginning

Genesis                                   In The Beginning God

Genesis                                   The Ark


Heroes of the Bible                 Jesus

Heroes of the Bible                 Samuel

Heroes of the Bible                 Nehemiah


Christian Character                 L is for Love (Part 1)

Christian Character                 N is for New (Part 1)

Christian Character                 P is for Power


The Fourth Man                      Exodus: The Great I AM

The Fourth Man                      Daniel: The Fourth Man


Bible Beauties                         The Legacy

Bible Beauties                         P.O.L.Y.W.O.G

Bible Beauties`                       A Vessel Fit for God


T.E.A.M.                                 Courage

T.E.A.M.                                 Perseverance

T.E.A.M.                                 Prayer


Ten Commandments 2            Ten Ways

Ten Commandments 2            Gunk In Your Gas

Ten Commandments 2            It’s A Wonderful Life


Training Camp                        Horseshoes

Training Camp                        Firstfruits

Training Camp                        Tour de Proverbs


Lessons and Letters                Success

Lessons and Letters                Having A Good Time


Apologetics                             Is God Knowable?

Apologetics                             Clues

Apologetics                             Is Jesus Christ God?


Let’s Talk                               Which World?

Let’s Talk                               Why is There Evil?

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