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T.E.A.M.: The Extreme Athletic Makeover

At any level of athletic competition the physical prize competed for doesn’t last. There is, however, a higher prize to pursue, one that won’t spoil or fade away. Part I: Build your own athletic department based on God’s definition of success and everyone from the Athletic Director to the supporting community has a part in it. 7 Lessons.  Part II: 30 one-page devotions featuring Olympic athletes and how they trained their character. Plus: The Training Room – Scripture for every athletic moment.

Section 1

Chapter 1         Introduction To Athletic Competition

Chapter 2         Athletic Success

Chapter 3         Developing A Successful Athletic Program

Chapter 4         The Athletic Director’s Part

Chapter 5         The Coach’s Part

Chapter 6         The Athlete’s Part

Chapter 7         The Parent’s Part

Section 2

Olympic Gold

Section 3

The Training Room

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