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Let’s Talk

What’s life all about? When can I drive the Hummer? Where do I fit in? Should I go out with him? It’s my money isn’t it? – and more! Let’s Talk guides you and your teen through issues that are knocking on the door if they haven’t already arrived.


1) What’s Life All About?

2) Which World Do You Want?

3) How Do I Become Successful?

4) Why Is There Evil In This World? Genesis

5) Why Does God Allow Evil?

6) Who Is Truth?

7) What’s Wrong With Me?

8) What’s Eating you?

9) What’s The Big Deal About Marriage?

10) When Can I Drive The Hummer? (Sex Part 1)

11) What If I Drive Now? (Sex Part 2)

12) How Do I Wait To Drive? (Sex Part 3)

13) What Is A Good Friend?

14) What Should I Know About Dating? (Part 1)

15) What Should I Know About Dating? (Part 2)

16) Where Do I Fit In?

17) How Do I Handle Peer Pressure?

18) How Should I Handle My Money?

19) When Does Life Begin?

20) What Does God Say About Life?

21) What Is Abortion About?

22) How Do I Become Successful?

23) Which Way Do I Go?

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