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Training Camp

“Under construction”, “God’s game plan”, “Walk this way, please”, “Just say Yes – To God”! It’s a workout at spiritual training camp. Selected Proverbs put you and the kids through exercises in wisdom, morals, ethics, discipline, perseverance and more – in a way that’s a lot more fun than it sounds.


1) Spiritual Training Camp

2) God’s Garden

3) What’s In A Name?

4) Under Construction (Part 1)

5) Under Construction (Part 2)

6) God’s Game Plan: Offense

7) God’s Game Plan: Defense

8 God’s Game Plan: Special Teams

9) God’s Game Plan: Special Teams

10) Gunk: Do Not Open ‘Til Marriage

11) Gunk: A Letter From John

12) Firstfruits (Part 1)

13) Firstfruits (Part 2)

14) Walk This Way Please

15) Building Your House

16) A Friend Loves At All Times (Part 1)

17) A Friend Loves At All Times (Part 2)

18) A Friend Loves At All Times (Part 3)

19) Made To Order (Part 1)

20) Made To Order (Part 2)

21) Salt and Light (Part 1)

22) Salt and Light (Part 2)

23) From The Heart

24) Just Say Yes

25) The Bible Tells Me So

26) TV Guide

27) A World Of Opportunity

28) Tour De Proverbs

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