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Ten Commandments 1

We start off with how God’s call to Abram leads to the nation of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. Then we’ll have some fun with: “It’s cool in the furnace,” “Statue of limitations,” “My God’s bigger than your god,” and more


1) In God We Trust

2) Moses & The Miracles

3) The Big Trip

4) To Pray Or Not To Pray

5) Jesus In Gethsemane

6) A Good Neighbor

7) Time Out! (Part 1)

8) Time Out! (Part 2)

9) More!  More!  More!

10) Seek Ye First

11) The Grass Is Always Greener

12) Handle With Care

13) Well Done!

14) Remember The Lord Your God

15) It Is More Blessed To Give

16) My God’s Bigger Than Your god

17) Statue Of Limitations

18) It’s Cool In The Furnace

19) Good As Gold

20) Welcome Home! (Part 1)

21) Welcome Home! (Part 2)

22) Sticks & Stones…

23) It’s Good To Hear From You

24) What’s In A Name?

25) Honesty Is The Best Policy

26) Ten Ways To Be Totally Cool

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