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Christian Apologetics

How do you know God exists? Is Jesus Christ God?  Is the Bible true? What’s the difference between Biblical Christianity and other religions? Is truth knowable? Is the theory of biological evolution a proven fact? We’ll give you the answers you and your kids need to know!


1) Introduction To Apologetics

2) Is God Knowable?

3) Evidence That God Exists

4) Is Jesus Christ God?

5) The Resurrection

6) Explaining The Resurrection

7) Review of Lessons 1-6

8) Is The Bible True? (Part 1)

9) Is The Bible True? (Part 2)

10) Is The Bible True? (Part 3)

11) Review of Lessons 8-10

12) Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

13) What Biblical Christians Believe

14) Judaism and Biblical Christianity

15) Islam and Biblical Christianity

16) Hinduism and Biblical Christianity

17) Mormonism and Biblical Christianity

18) J. Witnesses and Biblical Christianity

19) Christian Science and Biblical Christianity

20) World Religion Quiz

21) New Age and Biblical Christianity

22) This Town…Creation Vs Evolution (Part 1)

23) This Town…Creation Vs Evolution (Part 2)

24) A Flood of Evidence…Creation Vs Evolution (Part 3)

25) Your Uncle…Creation Vs Evolution (Part 4)

26) Enough…Creation Vs Evolution (Part 5)

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