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Bible Beauties

Miss Proverbs and the “Good-For-You-Friend-Club,” Tabitha and “Show and Tell,” “Daddy’s Girl,” Rebekah and the P.O.L.Y.W.O.G.s are some of the great girls and women you’ll meet in the Bible. Just for gals? No way – they have something to say to the guys too!


1) The Good-For-You-Friend-Club

2) The Crown

3 Lois and Eunice: The Legacy

4) Hannah: Grace From God (1)

5) Hannah: Grace From God (2)

6) Tabitha: Show and Tell

7) Mary and Martha: Tell Me The Story

8) Daddy’s Girl: Risking To Gain

9) Rebekah: P.O.L.Y.W.O.G.

10) Mary: Favor With God

11) Esther: For Such A Time As This

12) Suzy Shunammite: A Thankful Heart

13) Lydia: An Open Door (1)

14) Lydia: Coming and Going (2)

15) Elizabeth: Tragedy to Triumph

16) Bathsheba: Ya Gotta Have The Do-Bees

17) Mrs. Noah: A Ministry and A Mission

18) Pharaoh’s Daughter: Compassionate Cutie

19) Ruth: Of One Heart

20) The Queen of Sheba: The Great Treasure Hunt

21) Priscilla: Springboard Into Ministry

22) Anna: A Life Of Worship

23) The Daughters Of Shallum: Being A Part Of It

24) The Bible Beauty Hall Of Fame

Special Lessons 

Thanksgiving: Stories of Thanksgiving

Christmas: The Crippled Lamb

Easter: The Dragon


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